Vulnerability Assessment &
Penetration Testing

Our mission is to proactively defend you.

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All systems have inherent vulnerabilities that can be exploited, resulting in costly downtime, theft of proprietary information, and loss of customer data. It is important to periodically assess these vulnerabilities and patch them to avoid such attacks.

We offer vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services, in which we simulate attacks that can be done by malicious hackers; in order to detect and address threats and loopholes before security breaches by malicious actors take place.

LabCyberSec helps evolve your cybersecurity strategy to comply with best industry standards and regulatory requirements such as:

Gain valuable insights.

Our vulnerability assessment and penetration testing engagements are designed to identify system vulnerabilities and weaknesses, validate existing security measures, and provide a detailed remediation roadmap to reinforce existing security controls against possible breaches.

Our reports contain sections for both the executive and technical personnel, providing an executive summary for management to understand the risks faced by the organisation, and information for the technical team to be able to locate, reproduce and fix all the discovered issues.