Governance, Risk & Compliance Assessments

Governance Risk And Compliance Audits

We offer Governance, Risk and Compliance Audit services for organisations that wish to evaluate their security policies, compliance with set standards, and overall information security posture. Our audits assess and address exposure to new and emerging risks stemming from changes in the environment in which organisations operate.

Our audit approach is based on preventive protection against risks and the occurrence of potential weaknesses and omissions of controls. Our audit function examines the IT environment, the internal processes followed within the IT environment, the design of internal controls, the adequacy and effectiveness of controls, and provides suggestions for addressing those risks that are not being managed appropriately in order for organisations to:

  • Create security benchmarks for their IT infrastructure.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of current security policies and practices.
  • Prioritize the exposures that present the greatest risk.
  • Provide risk mitigation recommendations consistent with compliance regulations, security industry best practices and client industry best practices and business objectives.

We employ our cyber security industry knowledge, technical skills and experience to produce meaningful and actionable audits. With a strong background in system design and operations, we professionally assess the security posture of systems. We find risks that other organisations miss, and we’re able to provide recommendations for mitigating those risks because we deeply understand your technology. Our information security audits include:

  • Access management, governance and configuration.
  • Review of operational I.T security policies and procedures
  • Managed and subcontracted services reviews.
  • Application pre-selection, and post implementation reviews.
  • Software license management and life cycle reviews.
  • Selection, maintenance and implementation of security technologies.